5 Bathroom Trends for 2022



When it comes to home renovations, there is one room in the home that reigns supreme: the bathroom. While kitchen and overall interior designs may be popular, bathroom renovations take the cake when it comes to home reno projects. 

The reason is because the styles change so often and because the spaces are small enough to make bathroom renovations affordable. So, if you’ve been considering calling a South Jersey plumber to get started on a bathroom renovation project, here are some bathroom trends for 2022 that will take your project to the next level.

Natural Plants

One of the bigger trends for bathrooms in 2022 won’t require a South Jersey plumber or even a contractor. But, it might require a florist. You heard that right: a florist. 

Natural plants are making a comeback in a big way in 2022 and the bathroom is one place you can expect to see them. With more working from home and fresh off a pandemic, bringing nature into the home has never been more popular. Placing natural plants on shelves, on the floor, on the toilet tank and even in the shower are all great ways of creating a more natural feel in your bathroom that will brighten the overall look and feel of your space.

Wallpaper and Murals

The days of sterile, white bathrooms are over. Adding color, texture and design to the walls of your bathroom is now not only acceptable, but is not even thought of as bold any longer. 

Traditionally, because bathrooms are generally small spaces, the idea was to keep the walls simple and light to make the space feel bigger. With more options for vanities, tubs, showers and toilets, you can keep the bathroom feeling large without having to go so light on the walls. For 2022, think about peaceful murals or detailed wallpaper that can give your bathroom a spa-like feel that will create an atmosphere on its own.

Combining Textures, Color and Materials

In keeping with the trend of going bold, it is also expected that combining textures, color and materials is going to take off. Rather than covering an entire bathroom in tile, in 2022, you can expect to see bathrooms that use tile, stone and wood, while also using different colors for each as well. 

This is a trend that goes directly against what many interior designers have preached for the last decade, which is a minimalist concept focused on a single design element. This new trend is going to make it more fun than ever before to design and decorate your bathroom. It also gives you some opportunities to show your personality and match your bathroom to the rest of your home.

Pairing Vintage and Modern

The bathroom has been the one room most homeowners want to be modern. A lot of that has to do with technology, but it has also been a result of design. Not in 2022, though.

While you shouldn’t expect to start seeing completely vintage bathrooms, a design trend that is expected to be popular is combining vintage with modern. Whether that is using vintage bathtubs in modern bathrooms or incorporating some vintage tile into your design, the combination of old and new is going to be making a major comeback in 2022.

Wood Tiles

If there is one element that is usually not seen in most modern bathrooms it’s wood. With wood tile now widely available, though, it’s never been easier to add some wood-looking elements to your bathroom.

The great thing about wood tiles are they are available in such a wide variety of colors, sizes and designs. So, it’s possible to give your bathroom the exact wood element you want without having to settle. And because they can be used on the walls, floor and tub, you can expect to see some sauna-like designs dominating bathroom renovations in 2022.

Bathroom renovations are so popular and fun because they not only give you a beautiful looking home, but they also directly add value to your home. In fact, most home buyers expect to have at least a single updated bathroom in a home. And with these design ideas, you should have no problem working with your South Jersey plumber to give yourself the bathroom of your dreams in 2022.