Can Baseboard Heat Help You This Winter?



With winter fast approaching, you are probably wondering how to make heating your home more efficient this year. You spend more time indoors during the winter than any other time during the year, which can lead to high energy bills. 

Most homeowners assume they have to deal with whatever heating system they have because it is too expensive and difficult to upgrade. The truth is, if you opt for baseboard heating installation, you will be able to supplement your current heating and make your system more efficient.

Here are a few ways baseboard heat can help you this winter.

Heat Specific Areas

While winter can make your entire home cold, chances are you only use a few rooms most of the time. Yet, most home heating systems heat your entire home. This means you are likely wasting a lot of energy heating your home when you are really only using a few rooms.

With an electric baseboard heating system, you can choose specific areas of your home to heat. This will make heating your home much more efficient, especially during the day when your home is either empty or only a few select rooms are being used. 

Add Heat To New Rooms

There are a lot of reasons you may use your attic, garage or shed. You may just use it for storage, or you might use it as an office or workshop. Chances are though, these rooms do not have heat. 

Baseboard heating is a great option for adding heat to these areas. Because baseboard heat does not require ductwork, it can be easily installed in individual rooms. This means if you wanted to start using either an attic or garage space this winter, baseboard heat is a great alternative to upgrading your heating system with new ductwork.

Supplement Existing Heat

Even if you have a heating system, you may feel like your home just doesn’t get hot enough; or, that you need to turn your thermostat up really high to make your home comfortable. In this case, having a South Jersey electrician add baseboard heat to your home can help supplement your heat. It will help to heat up rooms that are hard to heat or may get used often. 

Winter is already one of the more difficult times of year in New jersey. There is no need to make it even more difficult by not having enough heat in your home or running up huge energy bills. So, if you need help heating your home this winter, you should consider calling a South Jersey electrician to discuss baseboard heat.