Central Air Maintenance: Getting Ready for Warm Weather



Central Air Maintenance For Warmer Weather

Central air maintenance is an important part of preserving your system’s health and performance. And as we get ready for spring and that first wave of warm weather, prepping your unit with these central air maintenance tips can help.

So, let’s take off that central air cover and get to work, shall we?

Central Air Maintenance Before Warm Weather Hits

Change Your Air Filter
Let’s start with the simplest task in central air maintenance: changing filters. A clean air filter can reduce energy usage, improve air quality, and trap seasonal allergens from entering your home. But how often should you change it?

We recommend following these guidelines:

  • For homes without pets, change the filter every 90 days
  • For homes with one pet, change the filter every 60 days
  • For homes with more than one pet, change the filter every 20 to 45 days 

Remove Obstructions
Since your central air system is exposed to the elements, it’s important to keep all obstructions at least two feet away from your unit. This means keeping vegetation away from the system, grass, bushes, and any debris that may be lingering around. Your unit needs enough space to pull in air to regulate your home’s temperature. Removing these obstructions will help it operate efficiently.

Check for Air Leaks
Even if your system is well maintained, the harder it has to work to regulate the temperature in your home, the more wear it may place on your unit. Check the seals around windows and doors for possible air leaks or holes. If you spot trouble areas, seal them up so your system can run more efficiently.

Schedule Routine Maintenance
If you want to extend the life of your central air system, scheduling appointments for routine maintenance is key. Even if you’re consistently changing air filters and cleaning your system, it’s a good idea to have it serviced by a professional.

At Eric Krise, Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling, we perform central air maintenance to keep your unit running optimally and repair faulty systems that may not be operating properly. Call us at 856.769.3932 to schedule maintenance of your system.