Why Your Electrical Outlet Feels Hot



Why Your Electrical Outlet Feels Hot

So, your electrical outlet feels hot to the touch—should you be concerned? In short, outlets that feel hot or excessively warm are an indication that something’s not quite right. If your electrical outlet feels hot, it’s not something you should ignore or put off. Before we dive in, if you’re currently experiencing this issue, immediately unplug all devices from the affected outlet before you continue reading.

So, let’s get into it. Here are four common reasons your electrical outlet feels hot and what you should do if it is.

Why Your Electrical Outlet Feels Hot to the Touch

#1: Too Much Demand at the Wall
Are you overloading your outlet? Take a closer look at the outlet in question. How many appliances, electronics, or devices are plugged in? If you’re using a surge protector or a power strip to create space for more plugs, you may be overwhelming the outlet. If this is the case, unplug a few of the devices and wait an hour or two to see if a difference is made.

#2: Too Much Demand on the Circuit
This may depend on how the wiring in your home was designed and installed. If all the electrical outlets and switches in your room are on a single circuit, it can be easy to overload or create too much demand on a single outlet. If this is the case, it’s best to have your circuits rewired, so your system isn’t overwhelmed.

#3: Damaged Wiring
Damaged wiring will often generate extra heat simply because of the flow of electricity. Loose terminals or wiring inside the outlet may be to blame, but it could be a host of other issues like electrical arcing. If nothing is plugged in and your electrical outlet feels hot, you should contact an accredited electrician immediately.

#4: Outdated Electrical System
This occurs most often in older homes that have not been rewired in decades. Older electrical systems simply cannot handle the demand of modern electronics, which can lead to issues with your system, including hot outlets and electrical fire hazards. If you’re unsure of when the last time your home was rewired, it’s a good idea to schedule an electrical inspection so one of our expert electricians can review your system and point out problem areas in your home or business.

If your electrical outlet feels hot or you’re concerned about other electrical hazards in your home, we’re here to help 24/7. Contact Eric Krise Electric for all residential and commercial electrical needs: 856.769.3932.