5 Electrical Warning Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore



Electrical Warning Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore

Electrical warning signs aren’t always as obvious as a spark or a shock, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less dangerous. Sometimes, these electrical warning signs can be easy to overlook or to put off repairs on. That said, the more you know, the safer your home can be.

 Here are five electrical warning signs to watch out for in your home. 

Your circuit breaker keeps tripping.
There a few different reasons your circuit breaker may be tripping. From overloaded circuits to ground faults, continuous trips are a sign that something’s not quite right. Trips occur as a safety measure or when a single circuit cannot handle an excess power load. For immediate help in identifying why your circuit breaker keeps tripping, refer to our blog post by clicking here.

You experience electrical shocks.
We’re not talking whole-body shocks and frizzy hair like in a Saturday morning cartoon (although, that’s definitely a concern). Even the slightest shock or tingle from an electrical appliance could indicate a ground fault or faulty wiring. Over time, connections can become loose in outlets and even cause electrical arcing. If you experience a mild shock or tingle from your household plugs or appliances, call a licensed electrician immediately.

 Your lights are flickering.
On occasion, a loose bulb may be the culprit in flickering lights. However, that’s not always the case. If securing the bulb or replacing it doesn’t do the trick, the fixture itself may be defective or you may be looking at loose or faulty wiring—something you shouldn’t ignore.

Your switches or outlets aren’t functioning.
Outlets in your home that are no longer functioning or intermittently work are also a sign of problems with your home’s wiring. Over time, outlets can “burn out” or fail to operate due to cracks in the plate, but more often than not, faulty wiring is often the issue at hand. 

You smell a burning odor or see sparks.
Among the most dire of electrical warning signs in your home is the presence of sparks or certain odors. If you notice a burning or fishy smell or see sparks coming from your outlets, it’s recommended you shut off the power and call an electrician immediately for repairs. Sometimes, these electrical warning signs are the fault of a defective device, but it could also be pointing to problems with the wiring or an overload.

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