Top 5 Holiday Electrical Hazards



Holiday electrical hazards you shouldn't ignore this holiday season.

It may be the holiday season, but there is nothing festive about holiday electrical hazards. At Eric Krise Electric, this year’s season’s greeting is safety. From uncertified products to overloading outlets, it can be pretty easy to overlook obvious holiday electrical hazards when the spirit of the season takes hold. So, deck the halls with caution this year and remember these tips when you break out the lights and the ladders.

Here are five holiday electrical hazards you do not want in your home.

Hazard #1: Using the wrong type of lights

There can be a pretty big difference between lighting up the outside of the house and stringing lights around the Christmas tree. Indoor holiday lights are not always safe for use outdoors. Similarly, outdoor lights may run warm and be a fire risk for decorating the tree. Be sure to check the box for proper usage guidelines. 

Hazard #2: Using uncertified electrical products

When purchasing lights for the holidays, always check to make sure that the product you are buying has been tested and certified by an accredited agency, such as the Underwriters Association. Look for a seal on the box marked UL.

Hazard #3: Using old or damaged decorations

Sure, some older decorations may still hold sentimental value. But is a fleeting rush of nostalgia work the risk of fire or shock? It is best to keep those tucked away. Holiday décor and lights should be replaced every few years. And always perform an inspection of lights prior to decorating to ensure no wires are bare and no bulbs are broken.

Hazard #4: Neglecting cord safety.

When decorating the exterior of your home, you’ll likely need an extension cord. Ensure your extension cord is explicitly for outdoor use. Indoor extension cords are not safe for use outside. Make sure your extension cords are in good repair, and what decorating indoors, never run cords under carpets or rugs.

Hazard #5: Overloading electrical outlets

Having multiple decorations and lights plugged into a single outlet can run the risk of fire, power outage, and other electrical problems. Try to space out your lights and decorations by plugging them into multiple different outlets around the home. This will put less stress on a single circuit.

Want even more safety tips around the home? Click here for five electrical warning signs you should never ignore, and browse our blog for more electrical tips and tricks. Need more outlets this holiday season? Have an outlet that’s sparking as red as Rudolph’s nose?  Call Eric Krise Electrical for a free estimate: 856.769.3932.