Holiday Lighting Safety Tips



Holiday lighting safety tips to remember this season.

Every year, we look forward to seeing the big, beautiful displays of lights and holiday decorations popping up from yard to yard—but to make sure those efforts don’t go up in smoke, these holiday lighting safety tips will help you safely light up the night. From Christmas trees to hanging lights, these are the holiday lighting safety tips you need to know if you’re decorating your home this coming season.

5 Holiday Lighting Safety Tips  

#1: Inspect your lights.
Before you deck the halls or climb a ladder up on the housetop, be sure to perform a thorough inspection of your décor. Look at each piece for exposed or frayed wires, broken bulbs, scorch marks, and melted plastic. Defective decorations should be safely disposed of and replaced with a UL-certified product.

#2: Plug in safely.
Ensure the outlets around the exterior of your home are GFCI-equipped. GFCI outlets are designed to cut the source of an outlet’s power when it detects either a ground fault or short circuit in electrical flow. Also, ensure you aren’t daisy-chaining extension cords; it can damage the wires and cause a fire.

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#3: Protect your plugs.
If you’re using an extension cord to connect a string of lights to a power source, try to keep the plugs up off the damp ground. Place a brick under the plug so any precipitation that occurs won’t affect the raised plug.

#4: Avoid using a staple gun.
It may be tempting to secure lights around the frame of your roof with a staple gun, however, one small misfire could have dangerous results. A staple can easily pierce the covering on string lights and create an instant fire hazard. Instead, secure strings of lights with plastic clips.

#5: Water your tree.
Natural trees are a popular option for families around Christmas time. That said, they can quickly dry out and create a fire hazard when lights are strewn around it. If you opt for a natural tree this holiday season, get into the habit of watering it every day—particularly in the first seven to ten days, which is when it takes in the most water.

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