Indoor Lighting Designs That Can Transform Your Home



Indoor Lighting Trends 2022

Interior design trends change constantly. Case in point, you will likely find an annual list of trends for just about every facet of your home. And while you may find lighting trends for each year, your interior lighting is probably one of the most dated elements in your home.

For most homeowners, lighting is purely functional. If you don’t have to strain to see, chances are, you probably don’t think about your indoor lighting. The truth is, though, when you choose indoor lighting installation in South Jersey, you will not just be making your home more functional. You will actually be making it more stylish too.

Here are a few indoor lighting trends for 2022 that might help make your home brighter.

Flush Mounts Replacing Recessed Lighting

If there is one thing that has been a staple of lighting trends for the last 20 years, it has been recessed lighting. It is simple, functional and doesn’t get in the way. That is all going to change in 2022!

Replacing recessed lighting with flush mount fixtures is expected to be big next year. The key is to use stylish fixtures that will add to the overall style of your home. The real benefit of using flush mounts to replace recessed lighting is you can focus on smaller fixtures, since you will be using multiple lights in most rooms. 

It can be a big step for most people to ditch recessed lighting, so if you want to just dip your toe in before you dive all the way into this trend, it might be helpful to choose a room and test it out before you call a South Jersey electrician to come in and replace the lights in your entire home.

Sconces, Sconces and More Sconces

Traditionally, wall sconces have been reserved for hallways and bathrooms. In 2022, you can expect to see them everywhere! The living room, bedroom, kitchen, staircase and just about anywhere else!

Wall sconces are such a popular choice because they can replace floor and table lamps. This gives you more options to do some other interior decorating. Wall sconces come in a huge variety of shapes, colors and styles too, so you can easily mix and match depending on the room to really make a statement. 

Best of all, you can choose battery operated wall sconces to avoid having to have a South Jersey electrician come out and do a lot of new wiring. Although, once you are sure it is a design you like, we would strongly recommend hiring an electric contractor in South Jersey to hardwire them into your home. That way you can control them from a switch.

Bold Shapes

The era of classic and subtle lighting is over. From floor and table lamps to chandeliers and pendants, in 2022 you can expect to see bold shapes. Art deco, architectural and ultra-modern shapes are popular choices to add a distinctive look and feel for your home.

These shapes can add cohesion throughout your home by using them in other areas. They can also create separation in your home without walls. In the era of the open concept, creating distinct spaces can be difficult. Incorporating these bold shapes into your lighting fixtures can create a complete space, giving your home a sense of separate rooms without any need for walls.

For 2022, indoor lighting installation in South Jersey should be something you are considering. It is an upgrade to your home that will not only add function, but will also add value and appeal. Especially when you follow the lighting trends for 2022!