Kitchen Electrical Upgrade Ideas



Kitchen electrical upgrades you should consider.

If you’re like us, you spend a lot of time in the kitchen—and if you’ve been putting off those electrical upgrades, these might change your mind. From style to function, these electrical upgrades will improve your place in the kitchen and leave you with a space you love to spend your time.

Essential Kitchen Electrical Upgrades to Invest In

Upgraded Lighting

Functional lighting is key to a kitchen. You’re slicing, you’re dicing, you’re reading recipes, and you need to see what you’re doing. Cabinets can cause harsh shadows on the countertops below, and under cabinet lighting is a great way to light up the task at hand and make your kitchen even more appealing.

If you have glass-paned cabinet doors, installing interior cabinet lights adds extra flare and makes for a truly beautiful room.

Recessed lighting is another option that can make your kitchen feel bigger—especially in kitchens with low ceilings. Since the lights are set into the ceiling, they take up less visual space and create the illusion of a larger kitchen.

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) Outlets

GFCI plugs can be installed in the kitchen and they closely monitor the flow of electricity. In case of any fault, they instantly cut electrical flow and trip the circuit, preventing electrical shocks and fires. If your outlets are outdated, these are great electrical upgrades for your kitchen—and the rest of your home!

Pop Up Electrical Outlets

If you have an island in your kitchen, you probably spend a lot of time meal prepping there. Only problem is, there isn’t always easy access to a power source. Pop up outlets can be installed in kitchen islands (or in any counter space). Just pop them up when you’re ready to plug in, and then push them down when you’re done. Easy, convenient, and cleverly hidden.

USB Outlets

Imagine this: you’re following a recipe on your tablet, and all of a sudden, your battery dies. You’ve got the food processor and mixer both plugged in, and now you have to charge your tablet elsewhere or unplug an appliance that you need to use. USB outlets allow you to get your charge on without taking up space for other appliances to be used simultaneously. That way, you can keep watching Rachel Ray and take it step by step.

Bonus tip! If you’re not living in a forever home, these electrical upgrades could increase your home’s value and make you more money later.

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