5 Kitchen Lighting Styles We Love



Kitchen Lighting Styles We Love

The right combination of kitchen lighting styles can make a big difference in your home. A well-lit kitchen can completely transform not only the room’s appearance but it’s function, too. Carefully planning the lighting in your kitchen starts with considering the different kitchen lighting styles that are available and then deciding what makes the most sense for your space.

We may be electricians, but we love a good lighting layout (which we can help you with, too!). Here are five of our favorite kitchen lighting styles.

Kitchen Lighting Styles That Will Shine

Showcase Lighting
For cabinets with a glass front or panes that allow you to see inside, adding lights can help you see all the way through the cabinets and create a really beautiful atmosphere, whether the rest of the kitchen lights are off, or everything is on. These lights look beautiful when displaying special stemware, plates, or bowls, as the light softly reflects and passes through the glass!

Under Cabinet Lighting
An oldy but still a goody! This lighting style is very popular in modern kitchens. When expertly placed, it can drastically help with reading recipes and keeping your eyes on the cutting board. It also helps contribute to the overall ambient lighting in the room.

Over Cabinet Lighting
Over cabinet lighting or “above” cabinet lighting is becoming more and more popular among favored kitchen lighting styles. This style is less about function and more about ambiance, significantly contributing to the ambient lighting in the room. If the cabinets in your kitchen don’t reach the ceiling, over cabinet lighting can creates an inviting “aura” and can even give the illusion of higher ceilings.

Edison-Style Pendants
For kitchens with a more primitive or industrial feel, Edison-style pendants remain a popular choice and trend for their simplicity and character. Edison bulbs come in variety of shapes and sizes and look particularly good installed above a bar or island. They give a vintage feel with their clear glass and warm, candle-like glow, adding just the right touch of intrigue to your space.

Chandelier Pendants
If you’re looking to add a touch of elegance and refinement to your kitchen, small chandeliers are a great option. Smaller chandeliers can be used in the way of pendant lighting and hang over bars and islands to create more ambient light. Because of their shapes and scale, they often become a focal point in the room and add more character to your space.

Are you doing a remodel of your kitchen and looking for the right combination of kitchen lighting styles? We can help you with lighting design and installations to improve the appearance and function of your room. Contact us today to learn how: 856.769.3932