Where Is Your Main Water Shutoff Valve Located?



Main Water Shutoff Valve

Knowing the exact location of your main water shutoff valve is something every homeowner should know. In the event of a pipe bursting, shutting off the water to your home quickly can help contain the situation. It could mean the difference between major and minor damage. And because these valves are not always the same or found in the same locations, it’s a good idea to be familiar with your main water shutoff valve.

Below, we talk about how to identify a valve and where you’re likely to find it!  

Locating Your Main Water Shutoff Valve

Valve Types

Before we dive in to the common locations for main water shutoff valves, let’s talk about the two main types of valves and how to identify them.

  • Ball valve: The ball valve is a large metal valve that typically has an extended lever handle designed for quick turn-off. Under the lever is a bulbous section where the ball fits inside. When the valve is open, a hole in the center of the ball allows water to pass through the plumbing. When the valve is closed, the ball rotates 90 degrees, blocking the passage of water.
  • Gate valve: The gate valve, on the other hand, will have a circular handle that is turned to raise or lower a metal gate inside the body of the valve. When the valve is off, the gate will block the flow of water. Though ball valves are more common in homes, you may still find a gate valve installed as your main water shutoff.

Where to Find Your Main Water Shutoff Valve

When it comes to locating the proper valve, there are several locations it may be found.

  • Basement: If your home has a basement, it’s likely you will find your main water shutoff valve here. In most scenarios, the valve will be located near the front of the house where the water enters.
  • Crawl-spaces: In other scenarios, the valve may be located in a crawl-space and typically found near the water heater.
  • Other locations: If a home was built on a slab, the valve is still most likely located near the water heater, but may also be found in a garage or exterior setting.

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