Make your Home a Little Bit Smarter with Smart Bulbs



You may have seen them on the shelves the local hardware store, or perhaps at game night at a neighbor’s house, in fact, they’re popping up just about everywhere these days: smart bulbs.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. First we had smartphones, then smart cars, now smart bulbs? What is this all about?

What are smart bulbs?
Simply put, smart bulbs provide a new level of comfort and convenience to our already connected lives. By wirelessly connecting these bulbs to our home network, we are able to turn them on or off, dim or brighten, or even adjust the colors of individual rooms or our entire home.

Perhaps you’re thinking, “I’ve been turning lights on and off my whole life, I don’t need an app for that.” Sure, 25 years ago we didn’t need a home computer and 15 years ago no one had a cell phone! Technology has moved at a feverish rate to make our lives easier.

Now, imagine the last time you left home and couldn’t remember if you left the bathroom light on. You can quickly turn it off from your mobile device. Think of that moment when you’re laying in bed, about to fall asleep, and realize you left the outside light on. Not a problem with smart bulbs! Maybe your parents are flying in late to visit for the holidays? You can make sure the lights are on for them when they arrive. The applications are endless.

How do smart bulbs work?
Smart bulbs work using what’s called a mesh network. This means that once one bulb is connected to your home network, it will automatically sync with other bulbs to create a network between them.

Today, depending on the brand, most smart bulbs can be connected with personal assistant devices like Google Home or Amazon’s Alexa. With a simple voice command, you can adjust your lighting in seconds. Additionally, smart bulbs can be controlled with mobile apps on your smartphone or tablet, allowing you to control your lighting from anywhere.

How much do smart bulb systems cost?
As the technology improves, smart bulb system pricing is becoming more affordable. The price will vary depending on the brand and functionality, or if you’re looking for white lights or colored ones. A Philips Hue White and Color starter kit controlled by Nest will provide you a Nest hub device and three smart bulbs for about $199.

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