Popular Electrical Upgrades That Every Homeowner Wants



Look, there is no denying it. Electronics are cool! The amount of things being developed for home electronic use is staggering.

Get ready for things like transparent TVs, smart mirrors (you can get web pages displayed in the mirror), and little glowing balls that float around the house purifying the air.

A number of these innovations are already here, others are about to be here, and some are still conceptual, but they’re coming.

Like most things involving electronics, blink and you fall behind. But there are a lot of great upgrades that can be done to any home right now that will help bring you solidly into the 21st century.

But while electronic upgrades are great, you should always consult with a licensed electrician before installing new high-tech gadgets and systems, both to protect the gadgets themselves and to safeguard your overall electrical system. We can help you make sure your system can handle additions and install your new systems safely and correctly.

With that said, here’s a look at popular electronic upgrades available right now for your home.


Smart thermostats take advantage of advanced technological features that can save you money and energy.  Features such as a motion detector to determine if you are home or not, the ability to learn your schedule, and being able to change the temperature from your mobile device makes smart thermostats a worthy investment.

Keyless Entry

A keyless entry lock is a system that was made with extra convenience and security in mind. Keyless entry systems allow you to use your fingerprint or a code to get into your home. The best part about this system is you no longer have to fumble around looking for your keys while you have groceries in your hand. These systems are extra secure by using keyless deadbolts.

Home Security

Smart technology has added an extra layer to home security systems.  Not only can you have cameras trained to monitor certain spots in your home, you can watch your home in real-time from a mobile device.


In addition to having the ability to control your lights from your smart device, you can change the mood with a touch of a button. There are even certain bulbs that changes with music the beat of the music.

Home Energy Monitor

Home energy monitors gives you the option to track energy consumption by different systems in your home. Now you can see exactly how much energy is being used, if you want to try to find ways to cut down costs.

Central Control Stations

No more going into each room to make sure all your lights and gadgets are off. With the push of a button, you have control of lights, computers, gadgets, electronics, and heating from one location.

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