Smart Devices vs Smart Home: What’s The Difference?



Technology has made our lives easier in just about every way. No where is it more evident than in our own homes. The reason: smart devices. 

Yet, while smart devices make your life easier, there is a difference between having a few smart devices and having a smart home. 

Here is the difference between smart home and smart devices.


Smart devices act on their own. Google Home devices, Amazon Echos, smart thermostats and any smart device serves a purpose. They provide you with a level of control over the things it can do. Whether that’s playing music, getting recipes or turning down the temperature in your home, these devices allow you to do it.

While these devices are great on their own, a smart home is interconnected, which means different devices are able to respond to each other. This gives you a greater level of control and also makes it easier to control all aspects of your home from one place, rather than having to rely on multiple devices for different purposes. The connectedness is the result of having your home wired specifically for these devices by a South Jersey electrician.


While smart devices are great, if you rely on multiple devices, you might be wasting a lot of energy. It can also impact your internet speeds, as all of these different devices can take up all of your available data. This can be especially frustrating if you work from home.

On the other hand, a connected smart home is very efficient. Because the entire system is connected, all of the different aspects of the system act as one. This means much less strain on your energy and internet.


As much as smart devices can do, they all have limits. The reason is they are developed for specific purposes, which means they are limited in what they can do. That can be good if you only want to do a single function, but it also means if you want to have the ability to control multiple functions in your home, you will need multiple devices. 

A connected smart home, however, gives  you ultimate possibilities. As long as you hire a professional South Jersey electrician to wire your home, you will be able to control whatever you want. The possibilities are truly endless with smart homes.

The reality is smart homes are the future. As technology continues to innovate and phones progressively get more advanced, you will be able to control every aspect of your home. Smart homes will not only make your life easier, but it will also increase the value of your home. 

So, if you want to explore your options for making your home a smart home instead of just using smart devices, give us a call now. As a South Jersey electrical contractor, we can help make your dreams a reality.