The Cost of Rewiring Your Home



Estimating the cost to rewire a home is not an easy task. Sure, the size and layout of your home are hugely influential in determining the cost, but so is the age and possible quirks of your home.

Since there are so many variables impacting a rewiring project, we’ve compiled a few items that should be considered before you begin.

Do You Really Need to Rewire Your Home?

Determining whether your home actually needs to be rewired is an important first step. If you’ve recently had a home inspection, you may want to consider a second opinion or inspection from a licensed electrical contractor.

A good rule of thumb is to determine if your home’s wiring has been updated within the last 50 years. If the wiring is more than 50 years old, chances are that it may consist of aluminum wiring or knob-and-tube components; it may also mean that your system is lacking proper grounding which is extremely unsafe when using modern electronics and appliances.

Common symptoms of an outdated electrical system are frequently tripped circuit breakers or blown fuses, sounds, smells, or discoloration at outlets and switches.

If it’s Time to Rewire Your Home, Don’t Wait!

According to the U.S. Fire Administration’s 2014 report, 23,900 residential fires were caused by electrical malfunction. While this statistic is staggering, many of these fires could have been avoided if not for outdated electrical wiring.

Are You Buying or Selling a House That Needs New Electrical Wiring?

All homes are subject to inspection during the buying and selling process, so if a home is in need of rewiring, this process will certainly reveal that.

For homebuyers, learning that your potential future home needs an entirely new electrical system is not necessarily a deal breaker, however, you should certainly consider negotiating the cost down if you’ll be completing the project after purchase, or possibly requesting that the seller complete the project before you close.

For sellers, replacing old electrical wiring will not only make for a smoother home inspection, and ultimate sale, but it will also add significant value to the home which may allow you to increase your asking price.

Choose a Reputable Electrician Contractor to Inspect and Quote Your Project

Finding a quality electrical contractor to look over your rewiring project is the first step in saving you time and money. An electrical professional can identify quirks in your home, difficult electrical access points, and whether items including breakers, switches, and outlets need to be replaced.

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