Things You Shouldn’t Put Down Your Garbage Disposal



Things You Shouldn't Put Down Your Garbage Disposal

Of course, you know there are some things you shouldn’t put down your garbage disposal or drain. Grease, oil, bones—those are pretty standard. But we’re willing to bet there’s a least one thing on this list you never knew (and are maybe guilty of putting down the drain)!

These fast-spinning grinders are a very useful clean-up tool. However, if you want to keep yours in good working condition, carefully consider these things you shouldn’t put down your garbage disposal.

5 Things You Shouldn’t Put Down Your Garbage Disposal

#1: Coffee Grounds
They seem pretty harmless, and while they may not cause damage to the disposal itself, coffee grounds can easily create a clog. So, when you’re cleaning your coffee grinder or emptying the pot with grounds at the bottom, wipe them clean and toss them in the OG garbage disposal—your trashcan.

#2: Eggshells
Eggshells are also among the things you shouldn’t put down your garbage disposal. Because they’re lined with thin membranes, these often stick to the blades of your disposal and can create problems in your plumbing over time if you dispose of too many down your drain. It’s better to trash them.

#3: Fibrous Veggies
Most vegetables are perfectly fine to drop down the drain (if you have a garbage disposal!). However, fibrous veggies like celery, artichokes, corn husks, and asparagus tend to tangle around the blades—and that’s just not good. Add them to your compost instead, or just toss them in the trash.

#4: Rice and Pasta
Here’s the issue with pasta, rice, and other foods that swell: when they come into contact with water, they enlarge. And because these foods can be sticky, they can easily adhere to the chamber walls of your garbage disposal, creating clogs and slowing down your blades.

#5: Potato Peels
Peeling potatoes over the sink is just so convenient—but don’t send them down the tube. Residual starch from the skins will turn into a gluey mass inside your pipes and in your disposal. Just dodge the clog by trashing them instead.

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