3 Problems A DIY Drain Cleaning Might Cause



If you are experiencing problems with your drain, it is always best to call a professional . They will be able to help you determine where and what the problem is and how to fix it as quickly and efficiently as possible. You should avoid any DIY methods for unclogging drains unless you know exactly what you are doing. Improper use of these devices can result in nasty cuts, expensive equipment damage, and other dangerous results that may cost more than just making a phone call to a plumber in South Jersey!

Here are just a few of the problems a DIY drain cleaning might cause.

1. Replacing Expensive Plumbing Equipment

When DIY drain cleaning omits unscrewing the clog, the only way to fix the problem is by snaking it. A snake is a long flexible cable that can be attached to a power drill to make your machine’s motor spin faster. The pressure from the spinning helps push whatever debris is causing your clog through your plumbing system. However, when you are using this method for powerful equipment under water, accidents happen . If something goes wrong, replaceable parts for your home may be ruined or broken altogether. Taking out all of these parts and replacing them could cost several hundred dollars– not including any other damages caused by the accident .

2. Damaging Your Own Pipes

As we mentioned before, snaking is a dangerous process that requires care and precision. If you are not careful or do not know what causes damage to pipes, your plumbing system can be damaged as well . When this happens, you will have to spend more money on South Jersey plumbing repair than if you had just asked a professional in the first place.

3. Damaging Your Own Plumbing Equipment

In addition to being dangerous for your own plumbing system , DIY drain cleaning often results in damaging valuable tools . Not knowing how powerful a cable needs to be or which type of cable to use for a certain machine can cause any valuable equipment used with the project to break during pressure. This means spending more money on replacement parts and repairs after the stress of DIY plumbing.

While using a power drill to snake the drain in your sink sounds like it could be helpful, not doing so can have some dangerous consequences . The process requires tools and knowledge that most homeowners probably do not have and should not try to attempt on their own. 

It is best if you just hire a South Jersey plumber for this type of job. Not only does it mean minimal damage to your plumbing system, but it also means no extra charges from errors during the process . Plus, hiring an expert ensures they know what they are doing and will get the job done right the first time.