Electric Repair South Jersey

You don’t like to think about it, but the reality is at some point you are likely to need electric repairs in South Jersey.

Whether it is an outlet that stops working, flickering lights, a circuit breaker that keeps tripping or outlets and switches that give you a shock, there is quite a lot that relies on your electric system.

It might be tempting to try to fix some of these issues on your own, but whenever you have an issue, it is important to call our South Jersey electrical contractors at Eric Krise Services right away.

What are some common electrical repairs in South Jersey?

One of the most difficult things about electrical repairs in South Jersey is actually identifying which problems are actually electrical. The reality is, electric work is required for nearly every aspect of your home, so a South Jersey electrician should be involved in many of the repairs you will need in your home.

Something that could be very helpful is to know is some of the most common electrical repairs you will need in your home.

  • Dead outlets and switches
  • Flickering lights and dim bulbs
  • Power surges
  • Circuit breakers tripping
  • Old, faulty wiring

Electrical Repair Services in South Jersey

Eric Krise Electric’s team of electrical experts can also assist you with:

Why choose the residential electricians from Eric Krise Services?

We guarantee our work to come in on time and on budget, with the highest level of professionalism and quality offered in the electrical industry. We are a licensed and insured residential electrician in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland (License No. NJ 16241, DE T1-0005866, MD 13672).

A Complete Electrical Contractor

At Eric Krise Services, we offer complete electrical services. That means you can trust us for all your electric needs. Best of all, we are also a South Jersey HVAC contractor, which means we can handle all the components that require both HVAC and electric work.

Our trusted team is here to serve all your needs and with us, you can make one call to get it all done. No need to deal with multiple companies or deal with sub contracting. All of our work is completed by our in-house team of experts, so you will deal with just one team throughout the entire process.