Turning on the shower only to get a drizzle instead of a downpour? It could be your water pressure tank. If you have a well for your home water source, a water pressure tank helps to create enough water pressure which, in turn, keeps the water flowing from your faucet, tap, and toilet. But if that pressure is low, you may need a new pressure tank.

Repair and Installation

A good quality pressure tank should last a homeowner up to 15 years, but cheaper tanks can last less time, especially if your tank is too small to handle the needs of your home water requirements. The plumbing technicians at Eric Krise Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling are licensed and insured to inspect, repair, and install home pressure tanks throughout the state of New Jersey (No. NJ Plumbing #9527).


Eric Krise Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling’s team of experts can also assist you with:

  • Drain cleaning
  • Clogged toilet
  • Faucet leaks
  • Sewer line inspections
  • Well pumps
  • Hot water heaters
  • Tankless hot water heaters
  • and more.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee our work to come in on time and on budget, with the highest level of professionalism and quality offered in the plumbing industry.

Besides the decline of or inconsistency in water pressure, how can you tell if your pressure tank may need to be replaced? If you notice silt or sand through the pump, this could be a sign that the pressure tank is going bad. When turning on the tap water, check for bubbles and air in the water when it comes out of the faucet. Does your water have an odd color or weird taste? If the pressure switch and the pump run non-stop, this is another sign.

If your water is turning yellow or brown or has a weird color, you may also benefit from a home water conditioning system. Water conditioning helps improve the quality of your water by removing impurities such as chemicals, compounds, and other contaminants such as lead. A water conditioning system can filter water throughout your home, ensuring clean water from the tap, in the shower, or in the washing machine.


Apply for easy financing to help alleviate the worry about cost and get on your way to water pressure that will make you say “ahhh” the next time you shower.