As facilities change and grow, the electrical needs of those facilities also increase. At Eric Krise Electric, we can assist with a main service electrical upgrade, from analyzing needs and expectations, providing service drawings, and completing the installation from start to finish. A main service electrical upgrade serves more than additional power needs, but also safety standards as well.

Safety Concerns

If the lights in your building flicker or machines either do not work at full capacity, or your breakers keep tripping, it may be time for a main service electrical upgrade. These issues can lead to safety concerns such as sparks, fires, and corrosion. Sometimes a main service electrical upgrade is needed not because of additional machinery but because of new heating and cooling systems, which also put a strain on your building’s electrical system.


Eric Krise Electric’s team of experts can also assist you with:

Our Guarantee

We guarantee our work to come in on time and on budget, with the highest level of professionalism and quality offered in the industrial electrical industry. We are licensed and insured for main electrical service upgrades, as well as other commercial electrical work through New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland (License No. NJ 16241, DE T1-0005866, MD 13672).

Industrial Electrical Services

As your facilities grow, so do your electrical needs. Or maybe your plant is streamlining and decreasing its offering, changing your current power needs. Whatever is happening within your business, we are ready to help you optimize your power options. Here at Eric Krise Electric, we can perform main service upgrades, size and install power transformers, or assist in working with the power company to install poles and run new lines into your complex.