We understand that the safety and security of your employees, facilities, and products are always top of mind. Our expert electricians can assist you with electrical inspections, maintenance, or with installation of hazardous classification location systems. From the correct wiring to advanced plant safety techniques, our team of electricians adhere follow strict protocols to ensure that your hazardous location systems are up to code and minimizing risk of corrosion or explosion.

Inspections and Compliancy

Working with electrical in any setting can be a dangerous job, but if your facility has hazardous location systems, the danger can be greater, especially if you have not conducted an inspection. Whether it is combustible or corrosive, we thoroughly inspect your system, make safety suggestions, and can repair and perform maintenance to ensure 100% compliancy with local, regional, state, and federal requirements.


Eric Krise Electric’s team of experts can also assist you with:

Our Guarantee

We guarantee our work to come in on time and on budget, with the highest level of professionalism and quality offered in the industrial electrical industry. We are licensed and insured for industrial electrical inspections, as well as other commercial electrical work through New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland (License No. NJ 16241, DE T1-0005866, MD 13672).

Industrial Electrical Services

As your facilities grow, so do your electrical needs. Or maybe your plant is streamlining and decreasing its offering, changing your current power needs. Whatever is happening within your business, we are ready to help you optimize your power options. Here at Eric Krise Electric, we can perform main service upgrades, size and install power transformers, or assist in working with the power company to install poles and run new lines into your complex.

We also offer bucket truck services for bad lighting, burnt out signs, light pole repair, inspections, sign installation, and any other service where a bucket truck is needed to replace a ladder that isn’t safe to use or where a ladder just can’t reach.