Protecting Your Computer from Power Fluctuations



Where would we be without our tech gadgets? More and more, we find ourselves tethered to our phones, tablets, and devices. Gone are the days of the desktop-family computer and even the term “computer room;” we are fully connected from our watches to our touchscreen refrigerators and Wi-Fi enabled thermostats.

So what would happen if a single power surge took away all of our expensive devices? With all the time and money we have invested in our phones and computers, the least we can do is educate ourselves on how to protect those investments from power fluctuations.

For homeowners, your best bet and safest first step is to have an electrician incorporate surge protection directly into the wiring at each outlet. This provides a baseline level of protection across your entire home without having to worry if a surge will affect your devices.

Since most computer equipment uses 120 V of AC power supplied at 60 Hz, a person could use a multimeter to check the voltage of any power outlet to ensure that the utility company is providing a standard of power that lacks sags and surges.

If your home or business has outdated electrical wiring, or if you’re just not sure, it would be wise to check with an electrician to confirm that all electrical outlets are grounded properly. Grounding allows for excess energy from power surges to be rerouted away from your devices.

Don’t forget the tried-and-true surge protector. The traditional surge protector strip is an absolute “must-have” in any office or multi-device area of your home or business. When coupled with surge protection integrated at every outlet, plus ensuring that wiring has proper grounding, a surge protector provides a third level of security against the toll that a power fluctuation can have on your computer and other devices.

Finally, take steps to ensure the safety of all of your files and media, as well as maintain the proper insurance in the event that a power fluctuation was to damage your computer. Cloud-based hard drive storage, as well as traditional external hard drives, provide affordable backup solutions that can lessen the blow of a damaging power surge.

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