Benefits of an Infrared Electrical Inspection



Infrared Electrical Inspection

What, exactly, is an infrared electrical inspection, and what are the benefits of thermal imaging? Faulty electrical systems are, unfortunately, quite common in older homes and industrial spaces or facilities. Without preventative maintenance, system failures can be destructive, leading to equipment loss, production shutdowns, and devastating fires.

In short, an infrared electrical inspection employs thermal imaging to locate the source of fault areas in your electrical system. And your facility could avoid a disaster by staying informed and keeping up with an annual inspection from a qualified electrician.

Understanding the Benefits of an Infrared Electrical Inspection

Beyond the Naked Eye

An infrared electrical inspection can locate faulty wiring in commercial or industrial spaces (or even your home) that are often not observed during a routine, physical inspection. Thermal technology helps find faulty wiring and hot spots before these faults can lead to a power outage, equipment failure, or even an electrical fire.

These are few of the benefits an infrared electrical inspection will have for your commercial or industrial facility:

  • Quickly locates fault points in electrical systems
  • Can be used during equipment operation to avoid costly shutdowns
  • Reduces downtime and prevents equipment or system failures
  • Improves preventative maintenance
  • Reduces risk of electrical fire
  • Improves system performance

What Can an Infrared Electrical Inspection Detect?

An infrared electrical inspection can be used to quickly detect a number of flaws in your electrical system. Thermal imaging allows electricians to easily pinpoint areas of trouble if your system is acting erratically or even before signs of fault are evident.

Here a just a few capabilities of thermal imaging for your electrical system:

  • Hot spots caused by electrical defects
  • Overloaded fuses, breakers, and cables
  • Detection of overloads and electrical imbalance
  • Detection of electrical connection corrosion

If you suspect that the electrical system in your commercial or industrial facility is acting erratically or if it’s been decades since your system has been rewired, an infrared electrical system is a smart way to stay ahead of the curve. Faulty electrical systems can lead to inefficient production and dangerous electrical fires that can devastate your business. Costly equipment loss, outages, fires, and production loss are too great a risk to not keep up with preventative maintenance with an infrared electrical inspection.

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