Kitchen Lighting Ideas for 2021



The kitchen is generally seen as the center of the home. It is where you break bread and is where the action happens during parties or family functions. So, it shouldn’t be a surprise to know that most homeowners spend more money on their kitchens than nearly every other room in the home. 

From cabinets to appliances to countertops, homeowners are always looking for ways to make their kitchens stand out. Yet, often overlooked is kitchen lighting, which can do just as much to upgrade the style of your kitchen.

So, here are some kitchen lighting ideas to talk with your South Jersey electrician about.

Recessed Lighting

The key to a modern kitchen is to draw attention to the parts of the kitchen you want people to focus on. For most homeowners, that isn’t the ceiling. That is why recessed lighting is so great. It provides beautiful ambient lighting without drawing any attention to the ceiling. Instead, the light is able to shine on the counters and other lighting fixtures that are more stylish.

Under-cabinet Lighting

When it comes to kitchen lighting trends, nothing is higher on the list than under-cabinet lighting. That is because it is the best combination of style and function that you can find. Overhead lighting is great, but cabinets, vent hoods and people tend to cast shadows, leaving the counters you spent a fortune on dark and gloomy. Under-cabinet lighting will bring them to life. Not only that, but they will also make it easier than ever to tackle cooking tasks.

Accent Lighting

These lights are very specific in how they should be used, so they are not for every kitchen. Kitchens that have open wall spaces or breakfast nooks are the perfect candidates for accent lighting. Specifically, wall mounts or sconces. These lights can add a warm glow to an area of the kitchen that is intended for a different purpose than just cooking. They are especially effective when paired with a decorative piece, like a flower vase or statue.


A staple of kitchen lighting for as long as kitchens have been a part of the home, pendant lights are designed to be noticed, so they should be hung where you can see them. Great for both islands and peninsulas, pendant lights are both stylish and functional, adding light to the main sitting or cooking areas of the kitchen. While similar in function to under-cabinet lighting, they differ drastically in that they should make a statement with their design. 

If you’ve been looking for a way  to upgrade your kitchen without doing a full renovation, updating your kitchen lighting could be just what you need. And when you work with the best electric contractor in South Jersey, you will be sure to find the right design and installation to really set your kitchen apart.