Rewiring Commercial Space for Safety



There is a lot to be said for an old building with good bones – the beauty of old architecture, spacious floorplans, high ceilings, large windows, and the solid materials used in the construction. But from an electrical perspective, it may be necessary to rewire your commercial space not just for new use but to ensure basic safety and prevent fire hazards. Even structures that were built between 30 and 60 years ago, that some would not consider “old,” may contain obsolete electrical materials and technologies.

Hazards of Old Wiring

It may very well be that your building was once state of the art, but is not so today. Make sure your business is operating optimally and safely when it comes to your electrical system. Things that have changed requiring a new electrical system include:

• Materials used in electrical systems
• Technology advancement
• Load demands

Making sure your building’s electrical system is up to date will not just help your business run more smoothly, it will provide for greater safety. Rewiring your building will decrease the chance of fire hazard from a faulty or aged electrical system.

Modern Electrical Systems

In recent decades, electrical engineering and safety standards have improved. Newer technologies make better choices when it comes to cost, effectiveness, and safety. While the lights may be working in an older building, you may not know when the last electrical inspection took place or the maintenance record for a building’s infrastructure. When a building’s lighting system fails, it can quickly lead to disaster.

Common hazards found in aged electrical systems include:

• Aluminum Wiring
• Knot and Tube Wiring
• Types of Circuit Breakers

New Electrical Systems

Professional electricians can install a new electrical system in an older building that will breathe new life into the structure, extending its life and its safety, using improved materials and technologies that will remain effective for decades to come. Rewiring can change not only your building’s electrical capacity but bring it into alignment with the specific load demands your unique business presents. Upgrading your building’s electrical system will safeguard your property and investment in your business.

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