Should You Convert From Oil To Gas?




With winter right around the corner, it is the time of year to start thinking about energy costs. If you have an oil heating system, the cost of heating your home changes each year depending on the cost of oil. The truth is, though, even in the best year, oil heating systems tend to cost about 40% more than gas to heat your home.

In the Northeast, 30% of heating systems are oil. And for many homeowners, the reason to stick with oil is because of the perceived high cost of replacing it. In reality, you will likely make back the money changing the system in about 5 years and will enjoy the savings for many more years.

Here are just a few reasons why you should call your South Jersey HVAC contractor to discuss changing to gas.

Less Hassle

Oil requires a lot of upkeep. Because it relies on a tank, you need to be sure you keep it filled. This is especially important during the winter, when you will be relying on it to keep you warm. If  you forget to fill the tank before winter or miscalculate how much you have, it could mean spending a few days without heat, which could mean trouble for you and your home.

With natural gas, it is piped directly into your home, so you never have to worry about filling your tank or being without heat.

More efficient

Natural gas is cheaper and cleaner than oil, which makes it much more efficient than an oil system. You can expect lowery monthly bills and a better performing system. Most gas systems are high-efficiency, meaning they will use less energy and last longer. This isn’t only better for your wallet, but also the environment.

Lower Cost

Speaking of your wallet, the number one reason to make the switch from oil to gas is  the cost. Not only is gas more expensive than natural gas, but the equipment is also more expensive. Add to that the equipment is less efficient and requires more repairs and the cost of oil really adds up. Switching to gas will have both short and long term savings.

So, while you may be afraid of the time and money it will take to make an oil to gas conversion in NJ, you can see that the benefits are too good to pass up. Give us a call now so our South Jersey HVAC contractors can walk you through how to get started on your conversion this winter.