Daisy Chaining is Dangerous




During the holiday season, you may find yourself looking to plug in a variety of decorations and lights. As you add your tree lights, mantle lights, and other plug-in holiday decor, you will most likely consider daisy chaining. Daisy chaining is something that many people are guilty of doing, yet most are not familiar with the potential dangers or the fact that it should be avoided. Here is detailed information about daisy chaining and how you can safely plug in your holiday lights to both indoor or outdoor outlets without overloading your electrical system.

What is Daisy Chaining?

Although the name would suggest an activity relating to a popular flower, the electrical term “daisy chaining” has nothing at all to do with the flower. Daisy chaining is the process of plugging multiple surge protectors, extensions cords, and power strips into each other. By increasing the number of power strips you connect to one another, you are providing yourself with more usable electrical outlets, ultimately giving you more space to plug in holiday lights, inflatables, and decorations. Typically, most find this to be a necessity due to a lack of outlets in a home.

What Can Happen if You Daisy Chain?

Daisy chaining can cause a multitude of problems. When you plug multiple surge protectors, extensions cords, and power strips into one another, you are creating a fire hazard. The increased electrical demand on your home’s system can harm the wiring and outlets in your home. In addition to this, you can blow fuses and cause your circuits to pop.

What Are the Alternatives to Daisy Chaining?

There are alternatives to daisy chaining, including using the right type of power strips and surge protectors and adding electrical outlets to your home. If you are looking to incorporate a lot of holiday decorations that use electricity, you will want to contact an electrician to install additional electrical outlets for you. The electrician can also ensure that your circuits and breaker box can adequately supply the power current that you need for all of your decorations. This is the best way to guarantee that you do not overload your electrical system during the holiday season.

Are you looking for an electrician to help you install more electrical outlets or swap out your breaker box? Contact Eric M. Krise Electrical to get started today so you can keep your home and family safe this holiday season.